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April 2010 – Rock Solid Party (PDF)

April 2010 – Gift to First Customer (PDF)


The Top Shop celebrates 25 years in business with a rock solid party!

London, On – David Dean has come a long way from being a one-man kitchen installer to leading a company that supplies countertops to big box stores, independent contractors and individuals across Southern Ontario. Over the past 25 years, as president, David has grown The Top Shop Inc. into a company that employs 50, is situated on nearly 2 acres with its own granite warehouse, and impressive new showroom The Company is also a cornerstone of community caring, helping the most vulnerable at the Children’s Health Foundation (formerly the Children’s Hospital of Western Ontario). So, on April 9th, David will host a rock solid party for everyone who has helped The Top Shop get to where it has today – that is – a company with a solid foundation.

“When we arrived at our 25th year, it just sort of hit me – it was a big ‘wow’, where did the time go?” says David. “So, we decided that we should invite our friends, suppliers, and staff and have some fun, and I think we will!” he adds.

An impressive list of more than 300 invited guests from across Ontario, Quebec, and the United States will gather at the Lamplighter Inn, Crystal Ballroom on Friday April 9th at 6pm for the party. Guests include granite and quartz producers who have worked with The Top Shop for years. “We develop long-term relationships and there are great partnerships between us and many of our suppliers – like a family,” says David. He is pleased and honoured that so many of them are joining in on the 25th anniversary celebration which will include a video presentation, food and drink stations, entertainment, and dancing.

David and The Top Shop are also marking their 25th anniversary by making a special commitment to the Children’s Health Foundation. An announcement will be made at the party to kick off a special year of fund raising for the CHF.

The Top Shop has set new industry standards with their development of PRO Team Installers, a designation that indicates a superior level of precision and skill. As well, The Top Shop made a trend-setting decision early on that they would use 1 1/4 inch (3cm) countertop material instead of the more common 3/4 inch (2cm) material. “I wanted to be different from everybody else. I wanted us to have an edge in quality and as a result our countertops are more solid, have no seams on the front edge profile yet are still very competitive,” says David. The Top Shop was among the first in Canada to use the Stealth Computerized Measuring System which creates a perfect fit without mess inside customer’s home.

Granite, quartz, laminate, and solid surface are available from big box stores and hundreds of kitchen and bath dealers throughout Southern Ontario; however, only granite and quartz can be obtained directly from the factory. For the full Top Shop experience, the general public can view real-life examples at the newly renovated 1350 square foot showroom at 502 First Street, London ( “We strive to provide clients with the perfect environment to choose their own slabs of granite from our Quarry, customize the edges, and other details from a large selection of colours and designs,” says David.

Two of David’s children, Michael and Sharon, along with wife Magdalena are all part of The Top Shop team. “Michael, Sharon, and Maggie provide a very strong and necessary operational backbone for The Top Shop,” says David. Dean’s Kitchen Centre Ltd. opened on April 6, 1985 and morphed into The Top Shop in 1987. The stone division was added eight years ago after the Deans did extensive market and product research in Italy and Canada.

The Top Shop Inc. takes personal pride in its employees, its products, and its company for achieving this 25th anniversary milestone.

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Jane Antoniak
Antoniak Communications
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The Top Shop Celebrates 25th Anniversary with Gift to its First Customer

London, On – You’d think that after 25 years in business, David Dean, president of The Top Shop Inc., might not remember who his first customer was back in 1985. However, not only does David remember his first customer but he remembers doing the new countertop job himself. And, after installing thousands of countertops since, David figures it’s time to go back and salute his first customer with the gift of a new kitchen countertop…only this time the Petronis family is getting custom-made, highest quality granite, at no cost in their east London home.

“It certainly came as quite a surprise!” exclaimed Ron Petronis, a semi-retired Londoner who now works part-time at Rona in the electrical department. “My wife, Linda, took the call and we both wondered, ‘what’s the catch?’ We kept waiting for the other shoe to drop but there is no catch. The call just came 25 years later, out of the blue, and now we have a beautiful new kitchen countertop!”

Even though this was a surprise, it’s not the first time the Petronis’ have received a gift from The Top Shop. David Dean sent the couple a bottle of champagne on the first anniversary of the company to thank them for being his first customer. It wasn’t until late last year when he started to think about making special plans for The Top Shop’s 25th Anniversary, that he recalled his first customers and decided to do up “something special.”

“It always excited me so much to get that first sale. I remember going over and measuring it and installing it. When we do business, no matter who it is, I always try to picture my mom and dad and make sure that everything that we send out this door has the personal touch to it, as I say, our gold seal. So, meeting the Petronis’ – nice, mild mannered people, a quiet family, I knew what it felt like to give them what they deserved – what people like them, and my parents, deserved from a business. When my wife said, let’s have the Petronis’ shine during our 25th anniversary, well, I really liked the idea,” explains David.

The couple came to The Top Shop’s Quarry at 502 First Street, London ( and picked out a beautiful slab of “exotic” granite countertop. The Top Shop also gave them a new sink and faucet, which then inspired them to get new kitchen cupboards too. The renovation took place over the late winter and is now available to be seen by the media. While this is not the same home they owned 25 years ago when they installed the first ever Top Shop countertop, the Petronis’ are thrilled with the update. “At the time when we bought the original countertop it was really nice – with gold flecks – and it was still there when we sold the house. But when we went into the Quarry and saw this one piece of granite, we really honed in on this whole new look!” says Ron Petronis.

The total value of the new countertop, sink and faucet is about $5,000. As well the Petronis’ are invited to a special 25th anniversary gala on April 9th at the Lamplighter Inn. “It’s just our way to say thank you,” says David Dean.

For media interviews with David Dean or the Petronis family, and to view the Quarry, the newly renovated Petronis kitchen, or for photography please contact:

Jane Antoniak
Antoniak Communications
[email protected]