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Please Note

Please note we will be closed on Tuesday December 24 through Wednesday January 1 for Christmas Shutdown. We will be open Thursday January 2, 2020. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Welcome, We are celebrating our 34th Anniversary!

The Top Shop fabricates an extensive line of premium quality countertops and millwork for customers all over North America. Our granite, quartz, laminate, and solid surface products are subject to rigorous quality controls and must receive a ‘Gold Seal’ of approval before leaving our plant, ensuring a top quality product for all customers.For granite and quartz products, we invite you into our showroom, or feel free to visit one of our many authorized dealers.

Please note that we are wholesale only with our wood products. We cannot sell laminate and wood products direct to the consumer. You can purchase our laminate and wood products from other wholesalers such as big box stores and many other kitchen and bath dealers all around Southwestern Ontario. Feel free to contact one of our many authorized dealers.

Topshop Team

Why Granite or Quartz

Why Granite or Quartz?

• Granite and quartz are very durable natural materials. They are available in so many different colours there is no shortage of choice. Because of its durability, granite and quartz will maintain their natural beauty forever.

• Granite and quartz countertops will increase the value of your home.

• Granite and quartz are among the hardest materials on earth, making them very scratch resistant. However, some exotics and special quartz colours have softer particulate and thus may scratch more easily.

• The absorption rate of most stone countertops is very low making it difficult to stain.

• Granite and quartz are very resistant to heat damage.

• The Hospitality Institute of Technology and Management have shown granite is second only to stainless steel in bacteria resistance. Granite is more bacteria resistant than laminate, plastic, concrete, tile and wood.

• Granite and quartz are terrific environmentally friendly options. Because both materials are durable, bacteria resistant, and stain resistant you will likely never need to replace it; thus, your stone countertop will likely never see a landfill!

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