Aside from offering the largest selection of stone colours and styles under one roof, you will find The Top Shop has a proven process to guide you effortlessly toward your new countertops.

The three major components of the process below ensures the best overall experience for our customers, which guarantees you receive the best product available in the marketplace today.

Choose Your Material

Measuring For Your Product

Installation of Your Product


Acquiring new stone countertops could not be easier anywhere than it is at The Top Shop. From the moment you walk into our beautiful display showroom, our friendly staff will strive to understand your personal needs. Colour and material selection occurs locally at The Top Shop’s on-premise stone warehouse, affectionately called ‘The Quarry’. The Quarry offers you the comfort of indoor material selection with consistent overhead lighting. Unaffected by unpredictable weather, you will be able to truly focus on the important and fun business of choosing your favorite granite colour!

We invite all our clients to participate in our exclusive material selection process. Since granite is all-natural, each piece is different which is why we want you to personally select the slabs that will be used for your countertops. Once selected, these slabs will be tagged and set aside to be used solely for your project.

With well over 300 quartz colours, and over 40 regularly stocked natural granite colours, plus the option to special order unique and exotic slabs of granite, the huge variety of colours and material ensures you will find exactly what you are looking for.


When measuring technicians visit your home to template your countertop area, their professional attitude and knowledgeable advice will immediately put you at ease. Consider the process of measuring like a self-directed design process. In fact, our measuring technicians are better described as granite and quartz consultants because they work with you to ensure you will have included all the features you wish in your new countertop. As if it couldn’t get better, The Top Shop uses digital technology to measure and template which enables us to follow the contours of walls and corners. This ensures a customized fit every time!

Our granite and quartz slabs are 3cm (1 1/4″) thick. Using 3cm material instead of 2cm (3/4″) material provides two major benefits:

  • The thicker 3cm material is stronger and more durable than the thinner 2cm material
  • The front edge profile is seamless on 3cm material (2cm material has a seam that runs horizontally along the entire front edge).

We offer ten edge profiles (Ice edge not shown) to compliment the cabinetry and design features of your project. From subtle to ornate, we have an edge profile that will appeal to you. Feel free to drop by our showroom to view physical examples of all edge profiles.


Finally, installation is performed by PRO Team Installers to ensure finishing touches are expertly applied. Our PRO Team Installers are trained professional stone countertop installers who are able to look after the fine and delicate details of installation. To further show we care about your home as much as you, our PRO Team Installers lay down special rubberized mats to cover your floors while they are doing their work.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments, as The Top Shop is proud to provide you with the latest in design, technology, and superb value. We are always here to give you ideas that inspire and offer the best solutions for your renovation project or new home decor.

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