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Why Choose The Top Shop

Why Choose The Top Shop?

Top Shop Team

Please note that we are wholesale only with our wood products. We cannot sell laminate and wood products direct to the consumer. You can purchase our laminate and wood products from other wholesalers such as big box stores and many other kitchen and bath dealers all around Southwestern Ontario. Feel free to contact one of our many authorized dealers.

For the past 30 years plus, thanks to the commitment from a loyal talented team, we have grown The Top Shop to a well-oiled machine. Custom fitting homes with superior quality laminate and stone products, and outstanding service that makes The Top Shop unique. Relationships are the core of what we do. We may have started small in 1985, however careful attention to detail and a keen eye on the trends has kept us on the top of our game. Now employing more than 50 local and regional professionals, our collaborative approach to business has resulted in a deep trust from our suppliers which has enabled The Top Shop to deliver only the best to our loyal customers.

Our Showroom with samples

A visit to our showroom and quarry provides an authentic experience of the processes involved with the products we work with. You will quickly see the difference yourself. The standard in the stone industry in south western Ontario was 3/4″ thick material for granite and quartz counter tops. We made a decision from the beginning to use the thicker, the more luxurious 1 1/4″ thick material. Now years later, the demand for the thicker material has dramatically increased, setting a new standard of excellence for the region.

Digit Stone Cutting Equipment

30 plus years in business has resulted in not only in an expanded team but an investment in cutting edge technology. We use digital equipment that enables The Top Shop to give customers exactly what they want. One flowing piece of material, smooth and custom fit every time.

It is our unwavering commitment to get it right that has enabled The Top Shop to service south western Ontario with an incredible selection of the world’s finest materials. These are subject to rigorous quality controls. Every counter top must receive a gold seal of approval before leaving our plant.

What are Customers saying?

David, Mike, Helen, Linda, and Top Shop Staff- Many thanks for your kindness and professionalism. We are thrilled with the new granite island. I am enjoying the food preparation space, and can set up my laptop and papers with room to spare! Wayne is pleased to have a larger area for meals…more elbow room, and it makes TV viewing more pleasurable. Thank you again
Joan & Wayne Petrie
BBB Accredited Business since 22/02/1996