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The Founder

From the Founder’s desk

As we celebrate our 25th year in business, I realize how grateful I am to be surrounded by such gifted employees, trustworthy suppliers, and loyal customers.

David Dean President

Thank you first off to each and every customer of The Top Shop; without your support we would cease to be. It is easy for me to stand here advocating the benefits of the superior products and services available at The Top Shop, but the true barometer of success in this industry is the overwhelming confidence from our customers. Your faith in our ability to deliver the best experience in the industry is deeply appreciated.

Quality and dependability are the reasons we have such strong relationships with our suppliers. Without a reliable source for our raw materials, we wouldn’t be able to meet the demands of our many customers; without superior quality, our outstanding reputation as being the best countertop fabricator in the industry would come to an end.

Finally, to my cherished employees, I thank you for your daily devotion to completing your duties. Your ability to work together using your personal skills make serving our many customers possible. The phrase ‘Together Everyone Achieves More’ resonates clearly with everyone who works at The Top Shop and our T.E.A.M. demonstrates how vitally important it is to work together every day. Your daily contribution is vitally important to our continued success.

As I look to the future I wonder, what new design trends will we see? What new technologies will emerge to improve our manufacturing practices? How will we grow to serve our customers even better than we do now? I am filled with optimism as I ponder questions like these because of the many valuable relationships we have forged with our customers, suppliers, and employees. To all of you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I promise The Top Shop will continue to raise the bar in countertop manufacturing excellence for the next 25 years.


David Dean

What are Customers saying?

Dear Linda Coates Don and I wish to thank you and all those involved in our new quartz countertop. We really are happy with the extended curve and the double edge. It looks terrific! Enclosed is our cheque for the balance.
Carol Milleamson
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