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Important Annoucements

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Important Announcements

Letter from the President

Chief Operating Officer

VP of Operations

Plant Manager

Sales Manager – Wholesale Accounts

Sales Manager – Showroom and House Accounts

Business Administration Manager



It is because of the above listed ingredients that I am able to turn over the “day to day” operations of The Top Shop Inc. to Carole McSweeney and Michael Dean assisted by, Linda Coates, Sharon Garrod, Chris Guimond and David Stephens, key management personnel.

This will now give me TIME to look at new strategic methods of servicing our customers and research new products to manufacture and introduce to our customers.

I have also taken on the role of president of a non profit national association incorporated on August 26, 2010.  I will be dedicating some of my TIME and experience to the “Countertop Pro Team Association Comptoir Pro Team”. This association will bring the countertop industry to new levels in consumer awareness and coast to coast customer satisfaction with quality and installation.

Since the inception of The Top Shop Inc. on April 6th, 1985, it has always been my intention to treat each of our customers like family and ensure they get the best quality and service available. I am pleased to say that all the staff at The Top Shop Inc. shares the same commitment to our customers.

I am very confident that the TIME ingredients are part of each one of our managing staff and that our customers and suppliers will be in good hands!

David Dean



Chief Operating Officer

It is with great pleasure and confidence that I promote Carole McSweeney to the executive position of Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Carole’s background in business administration for 14 years at The Top Shop Inc. and 12 years previously in the furniture industry makes her the perfect candidate for this position.

Carole, together with Michael Dean will assume full responsibilities for The Top Shop Inc.’s daily operations effective September 1, 2011.



VP of Operations

I am proud to announce that Michael Dean will assume the role of VP of Operations.

Michael’s 8 years at The Top Shop Inc. in a management role combined with his university education at University of Western Ontario and 5 years in the banking industry make him the ideal candidate for this position.

Michael, together with Carole McSweeney, will assume full responsibilities for The Top Shop Inc’s daily operations effective September 1, 2011.



Plant Manager

I am pleased to announce that David Stephens has accepted the position of Plant Manager overseeing our complete operation of laminate and stone manufacturing.

David’s extensive knowledge of our manufacturing facility derived from years of hard dedication and service to The Top Shop Inc. makes him the perfect choice for this position.

I personally welcome David to this new and challenging position.



Sales Manager (Wholesale Accounts)

I am pleased to announce that Chris Guimond has accepted the position of Sales Manager for wholesale accounts. Chris also works collectively with senior management in administrating The Top Shop Inc.’s advertising and marketing requirements.

Chris’s university education, coupled with his exceptional people and decision making skills, make him an excellent choice for this position.

I personally thank Chris for his commitment and offerings to The Top Shop Inc.



Sales Manager (Showroom sales and house accounts)

I am pleased to announce that Linda Coates has accepted the added responsibilities of public relations and community involvement to her already numerous responsibilities.

With Linda’s years of sales experience and her genuine, loving, honest and caring heart, makes her the ideal person to represent The Top Shop Inc. in this position.  She will continue to give her all in helping community organizations such as The Children’s Health Foundation and Bethany’s Hope. 

I personally thank Linda for her dedication and expertise.



Business Administration Manager

I proudly announce that Sharon Garrod has been promoted to Business Administration Manager.  She will work closely with Carole McSweeney and Michael Dean in planning and implementing all new directions of the company as well as play a key role in the daily administration of the company.

Sharon’s university degree from University of Western Ontario coupled with her 8 years working at The Top Shop Inc. makes her a natural fit for this position.

Sharon will assume her new role on September 1, 2011.

What are Customers saying?

We wanted to send the following email to you for the great help you and other members of The Top Shop have given to us. We were installing new kitchen cabinets for my sister. We visited granite suppliers in the immediate area of my sister’s house but did not get the “comfortable” feeling and attention to detail that we experienced when The Top Shop outfitted our personal kitchen a few years ago. As a result we returned to The Top Shop for help. From the time we entered the front door we felt comfortable. We were welcomed by the receptionist and escorted to the show room where the receptionist put us in direct touch with you. This was repeated on each visit that we made to your facility. You gave us the “personal” attention and consideration that we experienced previously. You helped us choose the granite slabs that would look best with the kitchen and decorative ideas that we had. Another comforting fact is that all of you in the show room work in unison so that if one is absent (day off) the other person picks up and covers. The gentleman in “the Quarry” moved many slabs for us to view and did so without any hesitation or complaints. He also added his comments when we asked for advice. Installation by your team was handled professionally and efficiently. We were contacted by phone about two hours prior to the installation team arrival noting that they were on their way and that they would be arriving within two hours. Upon arrival, one member come to the door, introduced himself and said that they were in the driveway getting the granite ready. The other members of the team came to the door, introduced themselves and laid protective coverings on the floor. During installation, the installation team each had a job to do and did it well. What was extremely nice to view was the application of the Silicone RTV. The installation team kept a lot of wipe towels available and always made sure the RTV tube was clean before setting it down. The granite counters were wiped clean and polished with cloths. All members were extremely polite and cordial with answers to questions from us and instruction to us for care of the granite. When they left, all was clean and there was no evidence of them having been there with the exception of the newly installed granite counter tops. They were extremely nice gentlemen to come into the house and were excellent representatives of The Top Shop. All we can say is , once again a job well done by The Top Shop team.
Angus, Lynda, Tim Roseborough
BBB Accredited Business since 22/02/1996